Russian windows
Russian windows

I never met such a cousy atmosphere as in russian wooden windows. Across the country you can find old homes weathered, bended, crumbled; but their frames to outside will be always oustanding for its handicrafts art decorations; and cared like a sacred limes. It's like a precious symbol of protection, comfort and life joy.

These russian windows sketches are draw from a collection of photos i personally shot some time ago...

Russian windows are different each other.
Russian windows always let your eyes see inside.
Russian windows have more wooden carved decorations than laces on the curtains.
Russian windows bend along with the house.
Russian windows defines a complete house decoration set style.
Russian windows are often inspired by art nouveau european decorative arts.
Russian windows convert neoclassical styles on wood.
Russian windows are used as shelves for everyday objects.
Russian windows are highly decorated, even the smaller air vents.
Russian windows sometimes are huge!
Russian windows are inspired to greek decorations and shells.
Russian windows have plants outside always framing a plant pot inside.
Russian windows are a creative mix of antropomorphic elements: eyes, hearts and frog legs.
Russian windows have wooden entablatures on governative official buildings.
Russian windows bloom with hearts and lilies.

Gallery in progress, follow me for updates.

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