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Here is my contribute to the best 3d opensource application. A complete infographic map to help finding the way in modeling 3d objects with Blender 3d. Coming from a solid know-how in 3d Studio MAX was a real challenge to understand the complex interface and functions in blender. Right-clicking mouse button to select objects was the first thing I learned and it was already a barrier at first.

The png high resolution image on the left is free for you. It's readable and good to print. But if you really love this map you can offer me a beer and obtain the high res vector pdf version (See below). In any case I'm glad if it's a useful learning resource. Good work!

pngDownload the free version210 KB or Get the full resolution vector

History log

16/05/2018: ver. 1.63: added custom orientation and group instance tip

06/04/2017: ver. 1.63: rendering speed up tips, hierarchy size and importance refined, added some new icons.
02/11/2016: Added animation section, revisited TAB pie menu icons, more connections and colors, minor fixes. Higher resolution for the free png version!
29/09/2016: Added new functions from Blender 2.78; New mustload add-ons: Carves, Archimesh, Measure It; edit mode select region; more connections; minor fixes.
12/09/2016: various fixes, snap and modifiers icons added.
03/09/2016: Shrink-fatten function, added modeling icons! .
23/08/2016: Totally revisited layout, better size hierarchy, colored section, added connections between functions, modifiers added, tips added.
31/05/2016: added icons, optimized element sizes, added more tips, some elements fixed.
18/07/2015: better hierarchy graphic layout, more icons, added new shortcut from 2.75, node basic config.
25/04/2015: added navigation mode, clip view, layout refinements.
10/04/2015: added modeling shorcuts, fixed some errors, layout refinements.
18/03/2015: added "copy attributes" (so useful), layout tweaks, better readability, legend improved
21/02/2015: added shorcuts for grease pencil, tweaked some layouts, uploaded png version.
08/01/2015: added new shortcuts from Blender 2.73
06/01/2015: added materials shortcut and node wrangler, better layout
29/12/2014: added sculpt mode, more icons, and snap shortcut
20/12/2014: added must-load addons

You'll find the basic commands plus some very useful tricks. You're invited to comment and to suggest missing keys. I'll update the infographic in the future. Share it and follow me on twitter and google+ for updates

How it started

blender-notesPassion, patient, and this rough skecth. My first map was an A4 ink note. I found it so useful I decided to illustrate as best as I could, and it was so precious at first I wasn't able to model anything without it. So useful that when I lost it for some days, I decided it was the moment to draw it in illustrator in the final version you see. Similar experience I did for the Roman Architecture course, with tens of sheets resuming lessons.

This map took hours to assemble: if it's precious for you, I'll appreciate if you offer me a beer by paypal; i'll send you the latest vector version of the infographic map. See below!

Hang it on your wall!

Blender poster infographic is now available on "Learn with a Poster" store. Get the full resolution vector file at the cost of a beer.

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