label design and still-life

From hand drawing to the cgi still-life

This image is a preview for a label design concept. Advanced printing techniques involve typographic expansive techniques and materials, like specific papers, resins and golden foils. The cost for a single test print can be high. That's why I pre-visualizzed these drafts before the final approval. That's the best way to present the design work in the way I want, especially for shining materials and other effects.

The cgi still-life can be also challenging, but I had models and materials ready in the drawer to accomplish this rendering. The work started with this engraving illustration, made on paper; digitalized and completed was inserted on the label design in the vector illustrator file.

And finally it became a golden masked and laid paper texture in blender 3d, applied on the model of the oil bottle. Final touches are depth of field and color correction post production. Black and white is used to focus on label colors.

Best part? Moving and rotating a white reflecting panel in front of the golden engrave lamina, looking for the right bouncing reflection. The photographer job makes the fun.